Site migration

Ons 20 Juni 2018
I've decided to migrate this site from Drupal to using a static site generator, namely Pelican. I've done this mostly because I don't use the dynamic aspects (comments, etc) of Drupal but mostly because I'm not very diligent applying security patches. So it should be safer and less error prone to serve up static html content. That said the Drupal site has been a solid and usable since I started using it.


Lör 03 Mars 2012
I've just come back from a two week of vacation in the small island state of Antigua. 28 degrees and water temperature near that! A welcome relief from the cold Swedish winter. Antigua has everything you normally associate with a Caribbean dream. Azure colored water, beaches, palm trees and easy going locals.

Best albums of 2011

Fre 30 December 2011
2011 didn't bring as many good albums as 2010 (Bonobo, The Tallest Man on Earth, Ratatat, Agned Obel, Groove Armada, Ólafur Arnalds, to name a few) but the ones that was released was of great quality. As Spotify evolved and added social features, I can honestly say that I got loads of new tips and influences. Special mention goes to Koin for his quarterly playlist :-) This is my list for 2011 (Spotify playlist): M83 - Hurry up we're dreaming "Hurry up.." is, just like the previous album "Before the dawn heals us", a totally awesome cinematic experience. Bombastic arrangements, great rythm and cool synths. From the absolutley fantastic and grand "Midnight city" to "Raconte-Moi Une Histoire" which has got to be the feel good song of the year. Florence + The Machine This is a fantastic follow up on the "Lungs" album. Nearly every track is solid, with great sing-along moments like "All this and Heaven too", "Leave my body" and "Shake it out". Jonathan Johansson - Klagomuren Best Swedish album this year. Smooth, almost minimal, electronic rythms with great vocals from Jonathan. This was my go to album for those late evenings at work, when you need to concentrate and need to shut out the world for a while. Siriusmo - Mosaik This years strangest find. German samples and brilliant electronic melodies that refuses to conform. "Mosaik", "Goldene Kugel", "Idiologie" and "Einmal In Der Woche Schreien" are stellar tracks. However the album has some not so thought through tracks as well. On the whole this still gets to be on my list though. Dark Dark Dark - Wild Go Dark Dark Dark was a new discovery for me, introduced by the brilliant ballad "Robert". Great vocals and melodies, that despite the gloomy sound Next year I'm looking forward to the new album from Tomas Andersson Wij. Happy new year! Category: music album list

Battlefield 3 release

Sön 30 Oktober 2011
Battlefield 3 was finally released into the wild this week. Millions of players are now loose on the servers, finding bugs and testing our systems to the breaking limit. It has been a tough finish for everyone involved, which everyone at DICE, and it's awesome to see the final product. Every time I start the game I can't help to think that it's going to crash though. I guess when you only work with bug fixing, like the last months, you rarely see the game running flawlessly. That feeling will probably go away with time though :-) Also I have switched roles at DICE and I'm now part of the rendering group of the Frostbite team! For me this means I can concentrate more on tech related stuff which is my passion. It really is an awesome thing, to work with really smart people and doing what you love!


Sön 10 Juli 2011
Well, finally I gave some love to this site. Upraded to Drupal 7. Also didn't have the patience to update the old theme, which I wasn't that pleased with to begin with. This theme, the excellent Typebased will hopefully be more pleasing for the eyes, and better tested. Update No longer relevant.

Frostbite 2 features

Tis 07 Juni 2011
Some videos from the Frostbite 2 marketing campaign and Battlefield 3 launch.

Creatables on SVT

Ons 20 Oktober 2010
Video unfortunately no longer available Erik is on Swedish televisions Godmorron represeting Creatables showing of some of the products.

More Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Sön 15 Augusti 2010
There is a short article up on the Eurogamer blog Digital Foundry about DICEs involvement in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Digital Foundry has previously covered some of the tech involved in creating that game. The artists at DICE really created a fantastic and scenic world! I worked briefly on this project, mostly with particle systems and other neat effect. Watch out for the police helicopters at night...

PI and The New Yorker

Fre 30 Juli 2010
One of my favorite films is Darren Aronofskys π (PI) released in 1998. It's a true low budget movie which cost only $60k to make. It's about a young reclusive mathematician, who builds a supercomputer in his apartment in order to find hidden patterns in pi. Just the other day I was reading a totally unrelated blog post about the 100 greatest magazine articles of all time. Some way down I spotted The mountains of PI by Richard Preston published by The New Yorker in 1992. Already after a few paragraph it became pretty clear that this must have been a big inspiration for Aronofsky when writing the screenplay for the film. The article portrays two former russian mathematicians, the Chudnovsky brothers. I don't think it takes away from the film, which is complete fiction. The article is very interesting on it's own merits. Highly recommended read!

The Bechdel test

Tis 25 Maj 2010
I found this video quite thought provocing. No matter what you think about feminism, it's quite striking. However the video doesn't mention the ratio of movies passing the test, which would be an interesting stat. Found via Blame it on the voices.