Justice @ Debaser Medis

Last night me, Kjell and Wendy went to see Justice at Debase Medis. I've been really sick the last few days, but this was my birthday present to Kjell and we have hyped this gig for a few weeks now so I really wanted to go. Doped up with painkillers and näsdroppar we headed to Debaser. We could not get the "real" tickets to the dance floor (those sold out in November as I understand), instead we were directed to balcony, where a thick glass separated us from the rest of the crowd. There was a strange voyeuristic feeling standing up there and watching the crowd below. At least we had access to our own bar, where I tried to drown my cold with cheap beer.

The gig itself was amazing! Really good. I estimate that Justice played for about 2 hours, but it only felt like an hour. Time flies and all that. It's kinda hard to tell from the pictures but the stage decor was kinda cool. The guys stood behind (on top of?) a what looked like a giant electronic machine with blinking lights. Occasionally the giant white cross from Nazareth album would light up. My only wish was that I could have been down on the dance floor.

A movie from Kjells mobile phone:

A movie from the dancefloor:

Another video, not from Debaser but the mix is really awesome: