New design

So I've been working on a new design for this site for quite some time now. The reason it took so long is a problem I have. While I'm working on a particular design I while surf around and find new ideas, then restarting the design from scratch. I keep doing this until I'm so tired of the whole thing I feel I just need to finish it and get on with my life. The result of that process is what you here today.

Behind the scenes I've updated to Drupal 6 which meant I had to rewrite the node_images module to work with the new API. With that complete I've also coded my own customized frontpage module which displays both recent blog entries and a 'spotlighted' project. It also generates a sized thumbnail for the project which is nice. I've also added Lightbox support for images instead of the old gallery.

I'm also working on another, commercial Drupal project for a friend which will use the same technique, so I consider my own site to be a prototype for that. More on that as it unfolds.