The New Yorker on gaming

Here's a great article on the gaming industry in general and Epic Games and Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski in particular. Even though I don't like the Gears of War games the article offers a rare perspective on the industry from the view of an outsider but without the usual patronizing stereotypes of gaming.

“You tell people what you do for a living,” Bleszinski said later, “and they’re like, ‘Oh, you play video games for a living.’ No, I play a game that’s not as fun as it should be, that’s broken, until it’s no longer broken. Then I give it to other people to have fun with.”

A lot of media has reported on the incredible growth of the industry over the last years, but most view it with the same simplistic and newly awaken amazement. I think the this article captures the creativity, professionalism and sheer effort that goes in to make a modern high quality game, while keeping objectivity and critically observe.