Norwegian black metal

This is a kinda creepy video on Norwegian black metal from Vice magazine, in particular Gorgoroth and the lead singer Gaahl. I'm not at all into the genre but it is cool production on an interesting subject. After recently finishing Hunter S Tompson's book on Hells Angels, I think I see definitive similarities. Same nonconformist message and the same Nietzschean belief in the in the individual. Though one big difference is that (at least the early) Angels were quite social while Gaahl seems to be the definition of a recluse. Then there is also the fact that Angels are about brotherhood, while Gorgoroth seems to be about the individual.

Towards the end of the video though one thing comes to mind, which also many commenters pointed out. What kind of producer goes to the northern parts of Norway with no coat and a pair sneakers? Anyway, an interesting and atmospheric way to spend 30 minutes.