Northern Öland

I'm spending Christmas with my dad, Carina and my sister Anna in Öland. Carina has a Berner Sennen kennel and we took their three dogs, a loaner and my sisters dog, the tiny but insanely intense Ifriit, out for a trip to Trollskogen on the very northern tip of Öland. After a one and a half hour drive we got to the place and it was freezing cold and windy. Despite the conditions some crazy surfer defied the weather and was surfing some of the biggest waves I've seen in Sweden. Good thing he had his gas heated Volkswagen bus with him.

Dad has a new Olympus E-510 digital SLR which is really nice and I got some good ones. I also got a chance to use their extra flash for the portrait shot. Worked out quite nice I think. Too bad it was soo cold I couldn't (or wouldn't because I was freezing my fingers off) do some more experimenting with manual modes.

Tomorrow it's Christmas eve and I'm going to see grandma in Blekinge. Merry Christmas everyone!