Battlefield 3


Multiple award winning, monster hit Battlefield 3 was released in November 2011. With a dramatic single player campaign and world class multiplayer component.

Battlefield was the first game using Frostbite 2, the next generation engine developed at DICE in Stockholm. It uses a deferred rendering engine, advanced animations from the ANT animation engine. Frostbite also has a flexible terrain system, dynamic destruction and award winning audio.

I was called in at the last stretch of the production, helping out with video playback, multimonitor support, stereoscopic rendering and fixing general rendering issues. After I moved into the Frostbite team post launch, I've also helped out with the expansion packs Close Quarters and Armored Kill.

Selected awards:

BAFTA 2011, "Audio", "Online multiplayer" and "GAME award" Gamescom 2011 "Best in show" Game critics award E3 2011, "Best action" and "Best online multiplayer" E3 2011, "Best shooter" Gamespot E3 2011, "Best graphics" Gamespy E3 2011, "Best graphics"