Bulletstorm is a game from Warsaw based Polish developer People Can Fly. The game follows ex mercenary now space pirate Greyson Hunt on a crazy adventure across the universe. How can that story be anything but awesome!

The game is throwback to the 90's, in a good way, and rewards skill with weapons and melee using the Skillshot system. The game was very well received as a breath of fresh air in genre otherwise defined by military shooters. The writing is surprisingly well written, but perhaps not to everyones taste...

Myself and Malte, fellow programmer from DICE, was sent to Warsaw to help out during the last 6 months of production. Since we both have plenty of experience from Unreal Engine 3 we could help out where needed. For me that meant doing a lot of UI work, which was a new experience for me.

People Can Fly was a great studio and I made lot's of good friends as well as picking up some basic polish. Do roboty!

The game was released in February 2011, on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.