Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge is a new IP at DICE which attempts to redefine first person action adventure with emphasis on the character experience. This means a lot of hard work has gone into making sure it feels you are controlling a character, not a camera floating in air. Also the gameplay focuses on movement, flow and hand to hand combat, as supposed to gun play (don't worry there are some guns in there too).

The main character is called Faith. We follow her through a shining city in a not so distant future. In this future big brother has taken control resulting in tightly controlled society. In this world couriers called runners carry sensitive information by hand across the city, beyond the reach of authorities, on the brink of the law.

Mirror's Edge was released 12:th November 2008 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and 13:th January 2009 for PC both as boxed product and on Steam.

What I did

This is the first game project i have been involved in at EA DICE, and I have been lucky enough to be involved from an early stage, seeing the game evolve to what it is today.

I joined the development team when I started at DICE in in September 2006. It's been an extremely interesting, fun and exhausting experience. I started out working as a tools engineer designing the build monkey (automated build and testing) system used in the project, and other QA related systems. After 6 months or so I moved on to gameplay programing with emphasis on movement and animation. On of the more creative parts of my job is working closely with animators, developing different moves. This is how we worked on much of the combat system.

I've also worked on other more general technical systems involving everything from content streaming to save system. Lately I have moved onto working with rendering, and for the PC version I was working on getting the game to work on a variety of platform and getting the best stable performance for all groups of machines.

A selection of press coverage

The game was first announced in Edge Magazine (June issue, see cover) in a lengthy feature article. We also released two screenshots on the internet which generated alot of buzz (and amusing speculation). Since then the game has recieved a lot of attention. More than I could ever link to here. A good place to start is the official site or the unofficial but still fantastic fan site.

Here's a selection of articles and news that's been posted on Mirror's Edge.


Some cool videos: