Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed

In 2010 it was UK based developers Criterion turn to try to reinvent the venerable franchise Need for Speed. The result was Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. The idea is simple: cops versus racers.

NFS:HP was a great success, and given high praise for the gameplay as well as the design of the environments. Autolog, a social hub connecting you to your friends who also plays the game, was also a great feature. Constantly spurring you to shave off a few seconds a track just to get the satisfaction of gloating to your friends.

In addition to the development team in the Guildford office, DICE was brought in to help out. Specifically with creating the environments. The team of artists at DICE created most of the models, lighting and car models in the game.

I was loaned out as the only programmer from DICE. My job was to help Criterion programmer Tom Williamson with the particle system.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursiot was released in November 2010 on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.